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“I learned about a small business opportunity from a Southeastern Regional Business Brokers advertisement. At my first call to Gregg, he described the process to get started. We met the next day to complete a couple of simple confidentiality and personal finance forms so I could qualify to receive information about the opportunity. Next, he handed me a 20+ page ‘confidential business review’ which fully described the business operations, history, market, financial history and seller’s disclosures. A bonus was the transparent and accurate way he told the business’s story, outlining both the challenges and the opportunities, as he saw them. (He had personally owned a similar business in the past.) We met with the seller the next day for a tour of the business and further discussion.

Gregg helped me to complete an offer for the business including contingencies to protect me in the event the deal fell through. The offer was accepted and we closed the deal within several weeks after we completed the due diligence process with Gregg’s guidance. After training, I aggressively followed the business plan we had written. Within 7 months I had increased sales and the value of the business to the point that when my family needed to move from the area, we realized a gain of over $50,000 when we sold – using Southeastern Regional Business Brokers to help us again!” -J.B., Serial Entrepreneur