Valuation Services

Southeastern Regional Business Brokers offers valuation services at two different levels to address the needs of owners of small or privately-held businesses based on revenues.  We offer products designed to meet your needs, whether your revenue stream is under $100K or over $50 million.

Typical Reasons for Valuation

  1. To assure that you are fully compensated for the value of your business when you sell.
  2. To establish a fair market value of company stock for estate planning purposes.
  3. To establish a fair market value of the business when a divorce action occurs.
  4. To establish a fair market value of gifted company stock to family members or employees.
  5. To determine loan value.
  6. To determine insurance value.
  7. To establish an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP).

Valuation Methods

There are three major methods of valuation used in determining fair market value of a business:

Asset Approach – Based on the assets of a business.

Income Approach – Based on the income a business venture generates.

Market Approach – Based on comparison with recently sold similar businesses.

Our evaluation techniques incorporate a combination of the above methods to calculate a range of value for the business.

Valuation Products

Southeastern Regional Business Brokers provides a simplified evaluation which is based on three years worth of financial data, most often tax returns.  Priced at $795.00, this evaluation takes approximately three business days to complete.

A more comprehensive evaluation is provided for businesses which are more inventory intensive.  This method includes more complete analysis of the business and is priced according to the complexity of the project.

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